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War Drums and Percussion

Est. 2019


Stave Drums that don’t look like grandma’s end table

Stave drums have a woodier tone than ply drums due to the higher wood/glue ratio, but most stave drum makers opt to show off the wood grain with a labor intensive finishing process that drives up the price of the drum. War Drums offers the tone of handcrafted stave drums with wraps to match your kit and keep the cost reasonable.


We can make stave drums to custom size specifications out of the wood/woods of your choice and offer a variety of bearing edge and snare bed profiles.

We can build your perfect drum in any color using parts you specify or make it to match the rest of your kit.

The best part: we don’t upcharge you just because it’s a custom order. If it only costs us $30 extra to get 50 year old lugs off ebay, that’s all the extra it’ll cost you.

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Unlimited Custom Options